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These are some vendors who sell equipment for paranormal investigation.


         Amazon Paranormal Equipment Paranormal equipment at

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         Crucible Catalog Paranormal Research Equipment Paranormal Research Equipment ~ EMF Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Static Electricity and Ionization Detectors, Motion Detectors, EVP and Listening Devices, RF Detectors, and Radiation Monitors.
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         Ghost Hunting Equipment Using the proper Ghost Hunting Equipment is the key to any successful Ghost Hunt. Here's a list of the most commonly used ghost hunting tools to get you started.
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         Paranormal Professional Equipment Store Ghost Hunting Books, Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, Infra Red and Night Vision, Infrared Thermometer, EMF Meters, DVD, Electronics, Gourmet Foods, Tools, Video Games
 This site is devoted strictly to the MiniBox and accessories, and will have more content added frequently. Hints, tips, sample audio clips, and submissions by those who are using the Box in their personal research into the unknown are requested. I want to hear from those who are using the Box, and know of your successes, failures, problems and breakthroughs.

         The Ghosthunter Store Ghost hunting equipment at affordable prices. EMF meters, thermometers, thermal scanners, motion detectors and more. Best prices on the net.


TriField Natural EM Meter


The AlphaLabTriField Natural EM Meter is used by paranormal investigators and parapsychological researchers to detect changes in very weak DC static electric and magnetic subtle energy fields. Setting the meter to the SUM position detects changes in the electric field or in the magnetic field. The meter is designed to ignore man-made power lines and electrical appliances, which helps to eliminate a number of false positive paranormal readings that are detected on other meters. The TriField Natural EM Meter is sensitive to changes of 0.5% of the strength of the Earth's magnetic field.


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Non-Contact Backlit Infrared Laser Thermometer (Thermal Scanner)

Important Features:


         Laser pointer for accuracy (single or dual laser preferred)

         Backlit LCD display for easy reading in darkness (backlit display preferred)

         Adequate typical distance for reading (20 feet or more preferred)

         Adequate distance-to-spot ratio, expressed as D:S (D=distance to the object | S=spot size) (8:1 means an object 8 inches away will be measured over a 1-inch area) 8:1 to 60:1 preferred

         Fine display resolution (smallest change that can be detected) 0.5 to 0.1 degrees F preferred

         Wide temperature range (measurement instrument can read) 0 to 500 degrees F or wider range preferred

         Suitable ambient operating range (air temperature in which the instrument is designed to operate) 32 to 120 degrees F or wider range preferred




IR Pro USB from ThermoWorks * Top quality, higher priced *

Laser - yes (dual)

Backlit - yes

Typical Distance - NG

D:S - 50:1

Resolution - 0.1F <1000; 1F >1000

Temperature Range - -58 to 2192F

Ambient Range - 32-122 F


Raytek Raynger ST20 Infrared Thermometer

Laser - yes

Backlit - yes

Typical Distance - NG

D:S - 12:1

Resolution - 0.5

Temperature Range - -25 to 999 F

Ambient Range - 32-122 F


ThermoTech TT1382 Non Contact Digital Thermometer * Average quality; reasonably priced *

Laser - yes

Backlit - yes

Typical Distance - NG

D:S - 12:1

Resolution - 0.1F

Temperature Range - -4 to +1382 F

Ambient Range NG


Raytek MiniTemp MT6 Infrared Thermometer (same as Fluke 62)

Laser - yes

Backlit - yes

Typical Distance - NG

D:S - 10:1

Resolution - 0.5 degrees F

Temperature Range - -20 to 932 degrees F

Ambient Range - 32 to 120 degrees F


Technical Articles:


         Noncontact Temperature Measurements Using IR Thermometers

         Definition of Infrared thermometer

         Selecting the right infrared temperature sensor (pdf file)




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