Emergency Preparedness Primer




    A.  Your Family Disaster Plan


        Where will your family be when disaster strikes?

        How will you find each other?

        Emergency Supplies


        Home Hazard Hunt


        4 Steps to Safety:

            1. Find Out What Could Happen to You

            2. Create a Disaster Plan

            3. Complete This Checklist

            4. Practice and Maintain Your Plan

        If Disaster Strikes:

            Check for Injuries

            Listen to Your Battery Powered Radio for News or Instructions

            Check for Damage in Your Home

            Remember to . . .


        HANDOUT -- FEMA: Family Disaster Plan 

        3-color 4-page flier 

        Download pdf file  HERE 

    B.  Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit


        Disasters Happen Anytime and Anywhere

        To Prepare Your Kit



            First Aid Kit

            Tools and Supplies

            Clothing and Bedding

            Special Items

        Create a Family Disaster Plan

            To Get Started . . .

            Meet with Your Family

            Plan How You Will Stay in Contact

            Complete These Steps . . .

            Meet With Your Neighbors

        Remember to Practice and Maintain Your Plan


        HANDOUT -- FEMA: Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit 

        3-color 4-page flier 
        Download pdf file HERE 

    C.  Emergency Preparedness Checklist


        Emergency Checklist

            Call Your Emergency Management Office

            Create an Emergency Plan

            Prepare a Disaster Supplies Kit

        Emergency Plan

        Escape Plan

        Home Hazard Hunt

        If You Need to Evacuate

        Prepare and Emergency Car Kit

        Fire Safety


        HANDOUT -- FEMA: Emergency Preparedness Checklist
        3-color 4-page flier 

        Download pdf file  HERE 

    D.  72-Hour Emergency Kit Ideas


        List of Suggested Items for 72-Hour Emergency Kit

        Stocking Your Kit

        Use & Replenish Supplies

        Keep Kit Accessible

        Packing a Backpack


        HANDOUT -- 72 Hour Kit Ideas

        1-page flier

        Download doc file  HERE 

    E.  Your Evacuation Plan


        What to do if disaster threatens and you need to leave home in a hurry

        If you have only moments before leaving, grab these and go!


            Protect Your Home

            Protect Your Valuables

            Gather Essential Supplies and Papers

        Remember Your Pets


        HANDOUT -- Red Cross: Your Evacuation Plan

        3-color 4-page flier

        Download pdf file HERE 





    A.  Emergency Sanitation 


        Care and Use of Water Supplies

        Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

        Disposal of Garbage and Rubbish

        Sewage Disposal

        Emergency Chemical Toilet


        HANDOUT -- Emergency Sanitation

        4-page flier excerpted from Emergency Preparedness Manual

        Download  entire 86-page book from HERE 

    B.  Food Safety and Natural Disasters


        Plan an Emergency Food Supply

            Foods Recommended for Storage in Case of Emergency

            Other Recommended Supplies and Equipment

        Food Safety When the Power Goes Out

        Water in an Emergency

        Flood Contaminated Foods

        What about Food that has been in a Fire

        Safety of Frozen Canned Food


        HANDOUT -- Food Safety and Natural Disasters

        2-color 8-page flier

        Download pdf file  HERE 

    C.  HANDOUT:  Food and Water in an Emergency


        How to Store Water

        Emergency Outdoor Water Sources

        Hidden Water Sources in Your Home

        When Food Supplies are Low

        Special Considerations

        How to Cook if the Power Goes Out

        Food Supplies:

            Short Term Food Supplies

            Storage Tips

            Nutrition Tips

        Three Ways to Purify Water




        Food Storage:

            Shelf Life of Foods for Storage

        Disaster Supplies

        If the Electricity Goes Of . . .


        HANDOUT -- Food and Water in an Emergency

        3-color 4-page flier

        Download pdf file  HERE 

    D.  Preparing Food During a Power Failure


        Conserve Fuel

            Propane Camp Stoves or Grills


            Candle Warmers and Fondue Pots

            Wood Stove

        Conserve Water

        Take Health Precautions


        HANDOUT -- Preparing Food During a Power Failure

        2-page flier

        Download pdf file HERE 

    E.  Water Storage


        Amount of Water for Storage

        Containers for Water Storage

        Treatment for Stored Water

        Emergency Disinfection of Water

        Contamination by Radioactivity and Chemicals


        HANDOUT -- Water Storage

        2-color 2-page flier

        Download pdf file HERE 





    A.  HANDOUT:  Tornado Preparedness and Response (12 pages)


        Tornado Preparedness and Response

        Strategies for Families

        Be Prepared

            During a Tornado

            After a Tornado

        Protecting Homes from Lightning

            What to do Before Lightning Strikes

                Lightning-Rod Systems

                Grounded TV Antennas

                Grounded Appliances

                Surge Protectors

        Standby Electric Generators

            Types of Generators

            Size of Generators


            Location and Safety Features



        Salvaging Food after a Tornado

            Use Caution with Water and Food Supplies

            Refrigeration and Freezer Concerns

        Disinfecting Dishes, Cookware, and Utensils

            Disassemble, Wash, and Disinfect

        Inspecting Farm Buildings for Wind Damage





        Assessing Roof Damage After a Tornado

            Working with your Insurance Company

            Temporary Repairs

            Permanent Repairs


        HANDOUT -- Tornadoes

        12-page booklet

        Download pdf file  HERE 

    B.  Facts About Food and Floods


        Is Food Safe to Eat?



        Power Out

        Cleaning up the Kitchen

        Water for Drinking, Cooking, or Cleaning

        Consumer Tips

        Cleaning Method for Canned Foods


        HANDOUT -- Facts About Food and Floods

        3-page flier

        Download pdf file HERE 

    C.  Flood-Contaminated Foods


        Food to Discard

        Food to Save

        To Disinfect Cans


        HANDOUT -- Flood-Contaminated Foods

        2-page flier

        Download pdf file HERE 





    A.  First Aid Kit Ideas


        First Aid Kit Suggestions

            Essential Items

            Optional Items

        Triangular Bandages (Cravats)




        Herbal Remedy Kit - Dry Herbs

            Herbal Preparation Methods

            Herbal Oils & Blends

                Essential Oils

                Concentrations and Measurements

        Herbal Remedy Kit - Herbal Essential Oils

        Natural Healing Preparations


        HANDOUT -- First Aid Kit Ideas

        18-page booklet

        Download doc file  HERE


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