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2012 and Beyond

Prophecies, the Mayan Calendar, the Great Awakening, ascension, and more topics will be discussed. What should we be doing now to prepare for 2012? Will there be any change? This is a class on moving forward with peace, love, and hope.


72 Hour Emergency Kits

The first 72 hours following a crisis is the crucial time because you may be stranded without communication or resources. Disasters may tie up rescue services, preventing help from arriving. You may have to be on the road getting to or from someplace. These first three days, having an emergency kit prepared and ready to go will make all the difference. 72 hour emergency kits may be useful in situations other than disaster. A quick weekend getaway or unexpected trip will go a lot smoother if you already have your essentials packed. When your loved one or neighbor needs a few emergency supplies because their electricity is off, their car broke down, or their injured puppy is stuck under the house, your kit may come in handy. There are numerous scenarios that your kit will benefit. If you keep your kit in good order, rotate out perishable supplies, replenish it regularly, and have your kit in mind often, it will be a regular blessing to you and your family. Learn how to assemble, store and use a 72-hour emergency kit. DOWNLOAD


Abraham, God, and Energy

This class is a discussion of the religious consideration of Esther-Hicks philosophy. Consider religious concerns about Abraham and Esther Hicks, the expression that we are God, and the phrase that we are energy. The Holy Spirit speaks to us with peace in our hearts and minds. He is the Great Comforter. He is the manifestation of the voice of God to us. When we seek guidance in prayer, the still small voice that fills our hearts with peace is the Holy Spirit. As I prayed for guidance about Abraham, the answer I received was one of peace. My conclusion was that there was no ill-intent from Abraham. I came to understand that Esther Hicks is presenting the messages she receives in the best way that she can understand them. She is receiving these messages from spiritual beings. So, when I go to the scriptures, I find other accounts of people receiving messages from spiritual beings called angels. Our Savior said, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil." So, if the old law was not destroyed; but fulfilled by the new covenant, then the things that happened in biblical times are still possible today. In the concept of being filled with Holy Spirit we are speaking of recognizing the spark of Divinity within us that comes from Source, God, the Creator. This spark of divinity is our higher consciousness. When we pray, we access this higher self. If we did not possess this higher self, we would be bitterly alone in the universe. You don't acquire a higher self. It is part of you. God, the father, is indeed within us. He is a part of us. That spark of divinity in us that we know as our higher selves is what we inherited from our father, God. "We are energy" is a concept that can't be taken literally, if you're into science. The term "energy" is incorrect as a scientific term. However, we have come to speak of things as "energy" in spiritual and metaphysical terms. A better terminology would be to say that we all have a vibrational energy. However grand your microscope, when you examine smaller and smaller particles, you find that they all really do have a vibrational energy. There really is such a thing as vibrational harmony. It's not just a new age euphemism. We find ourselves next to what is in vibrational harmony with our own vibration. Once we become aware of this, we can adjust our thinking to allow ourselves to move into vibrational harmony more with what we desire for our lives and less with what we have less desire for. DOWNLOAD mp3



This class is on ascension. An overview of different philosophies on ascension will be provided. Ascension is the evolution of consciousness and human biology in accordance with the laws of physics within a multidimensional universe. The process of ascension is simply moving upward on the dimensional scale by virtue of raising the energetic vibration of the body, mind, and spirit. It is moving beyond the denseness of the physical body into the harmonic field of oneness.


Challenging Times - Meeting the Challenge of Emergency or Disaster

When unexpected disaster or emergency strikes, we must be prepared to meet the challenge with decisiveness and strength of character. Receive tools to prepare you for challenging times. Consider financial preparedness. One of life’s unwieldy challenges is the loss of a job or sudden change in financial status. The foresight to have savings and liquid assets at the ready is invaluable in the face of such misfortune. A willingness to accept this challenge with determination and forthrightness is imperative to timely discovery of an acceptable solution. Prepare a well-considered disaster plan to save you precious moments when calamity strikes. Forethought may yield a communications plan and predetermined meeting plans that will ensure the safety of your family in the unforeseen event of terrorism. A calm demeanor and clear-headedness are essential to safety in the midst of crisis. During and immediately following a crisis, a basic knowledge of psychological first aid measures may help you to evaluate and respond appropriately to perplexing behavior exhibited by victims and their loved ones. Learn simple basics of first aid, wellness, and assessment of illness or injury. Don’t let the challenging times we live in blindside you, catching you unprepared. Catastrophe may plummet down on us at any moment; but the wise person who has considered the possibility of disaster with decisive prudence will be a step ahead of disaster. DOWNLOADS


Decisive Action for Life Direction

This class is on taking decisive action for life direction. Decisiveness is the key to moving forward with confidence. Our inner insecurities that are based on unpleasant past experiences and anxiety about unwanted consequences keep us in a quandary of indecisiveness at times. Learn simple basic principles of resoluteness, ways to identify your triggers and how to devise a purposeful plan of action for any decision you may face. A simple concept I was taught many years ago is that we should worry less about making the "right" decision and accept that many decisions we make are not between right and wrong; but between this and that. So if we allow ourselves to move forward and MAKE a decision with the resolve to MAKE IT RIGHT, then we always make the "right" decision. Learn to strengthen your ability to be decisive with clear volition and authority. Know yourself. Trust yourself. Honor yourself. Believe yourself. These four simple phrases can empower you to be decisive and take action to propel your life in the direction of your choosing.


Developing a Personal Mission Statement

This class is on developing a personal mission statement or vision statement. A personal mission statement is a description of your values, interests, hopes and aspirations. It is the definitive synopsis of the focus of your life and the blueprint for your future. Composing your personal mission statement and electing to pattern your life around it empowers you with clarity, decisiveness, insight and foresight, and guides you gracefully through life's challenges and transitions. Formulation of a mission statement requires deep contemplation, thorough evaluation and thoughtful expression to produce a precise written expression of our divine purpose. Your mission statement becomes the architecture of the intentional application of your vision and values. It is the benchmark for everything in your life. Following the simple steps you will learn in this class, you will be able to develop a compelling personal mission statement.


Earth Medicine

This class is on Earth medicine (plant & animal spirits). You will experience connection with Earth Wisdom as you honor the nature spirits of plants and animals. You will learn to use herbs and plants in ceremony and for personal transformation. Plant Spirit Healing is a return to the ancient Shamanic ways of our ancestors. We are helped by plant and animal spirits in many endeavors. As we become quiet and listen to their subtle voices, we can experience a world beyond our world as we know it. Learn many aspects of plant and animal spirits and the true meaning of “Earth Medicine.”


Earth Medicine: Animal/Totem Spirits

This class is on animal or totem spirits. Totem Spirits inhabit all living and nonliving things. We can communicate with totem spirits of plants, animals, and objects. We are helped by totem spirits in many endeavors. As we become quiet and listen to these gentle voices, we can experience a world beyond our world as we know it. Discover your totem spirits and what they are here to tell you.


Earth Medicine: Plant Spirits

This class is on the sacred Earth Medicine of Plant Spirits. You will experience connection with Earth Wisdom as you honor the nature spirits of plants. You will learn to use herbs and plants in ceremony and for personal transformation. Plant Spirit Healing is a return to the ancient Shamanic ways of our ancestors. Learn many aspects of plant spirits and the true meaning of “Earth Medicine.”


Emergency Preparedness Primer

This class is s primer for personal and family emergency preparedness. Learn to develop and practice a family disaster plan, assemble a disaster supply kit, and know what to do in case of an emergency. You will receive an emergency preparedness checklist to assess your level of preparedness and plan your preparations. Learn to assemble, use and restock a 72-hour emergency kit. Devise your personal and family evacuation plan in case disaster strikes. Know how to handle emergency sanitation issues and safe food preparation. Learn what types of food and in what quantities are useful for storage for emergencies and how to prepare it without electricity. Know how to store and purify water. Learn how to prepare for and deal with weather emergencies. Learn simple first aid techniques and how to organize a useful first aid kit on a shoestring budget. DOWNLOADS


Feng Shui for Your Sacred Space

This class is on Feng Shui for your sacred space. Learn how to set up your Ba Gua map for your home, office or place of worship. Each direction and corner has sacred characteristics to adhere to. Know the purpose, color, shape and sacred animal for each. Discover the cures for problem areas and the traps to avoid. Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway), literally translated as wind and water, is the Chinese tradition of geomancy using structures on the landscape in harmony with earth energies. Feng Shui is the philosophy and spiritual approach to architecture and interior design for the purpose of physical and spiritual well-being and balance. It is art of object placement in spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi).


Find Your Divine

This class is on reaching your inner spirit, connecting to source energy, discovering the spark of divinity within you.


Food Storage Basics

This class is on basic food storage for your home. Learn to develop a home storage mindset. It's easy to think of lots of reasons why we can't get our food storage started; but we have to remind ourselves that ANY food item that is stored for later use (tomorrow, next week, next year, or years from now) is food storage. In that context, the canned vegetables and packages of pasta in your kitchen cupboard are part of your food storage. Start Simply. Don't begin your food storage focus with the compulsion to obtain a year's supply of food storage immediately. Start your food storage plan by determining what food items you use regularly that could be bought ahead and stored for future use. You will learn to save money with your food storage by using "back to basics" techniques such as grinding your own grains, sprouting seeds, growing garden vegetables, home canning, and more. Food storage is not something we set aside for an emergency, although it is a great blessing in such a time. Food storage is a plan for living better, buying less expensively, preserving foods we grow ourselves, developing a healthier lifestyle, and learning ways to use our storage for household uses and natural healing. Learn about shelf-life and how to keep food safely. Learn to make use of your food storage and find new uses for it. Proper use of your food storage can help to simplify your life, improve your health, extend your budget, and enlighten your soul. And finally, learn to put your home storage to the test. Once you feel confident that your home storage pantry is well-stocked, plan a weekend without using tap water or electricity and without going to the store or restaurants. Set a goal, devise a plan, and obtain the storage you desire. Your home storage is a blessing to you and others as you use and share it. It is a blessing every time you prepare a meal for yourself or your family using your home storage. OUTLINE


Healing and Prayer

This class is on physical, spiritual and emotional healing and the power of prayer. Reverent fervent prayer promotes well-being and healing from disease and pain. It empowers wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Learn to use sincere prayer for the restoration of wellness and well-being.


Herbal Healing

This class is on the herbal and natural approach to healing. Learn methods and recipes for herbal healing, and how to go about the healing process as you offer yourself as a conduit for healing for yourself and others.  Follow simple steps in the approach. Always begin with a prayer.  If you feel the need to fast for a short period, to drink an herbal tea, or to read a certain passage of scripture, be sure to follow your inner voice and listen carefully and quietly to the Holy Spirit. Prepare as if to give a healing blessing, with clean hands and heart. Healing should be a quiet, soothing, reverent experience.  The area should have subtle lighting (neither bright nor dark) and be a clean and tidy with fresh, warm air and pleasant scents.  Voices should never be raised during a healing session because loud voices and harsh tones interfere with the body’s natural healing and relaxation.  Music is acceptable only if it is soothing, relaxing, and uplifting.  Bring no negative thoughts into this space. You want to remove any negative feelings, energy, or emotions that may have been absorbed by any healing vessels, implements, and objects, and place a positive energy of faith and the love of Christ upon anything used for healing purposes.  Healing is a blessing of God.  It should not be taken for granted or approached irreverently.  These techniques are suggested as a means of bringing reverence and spirituality to the service of offering oneself as a conduit for healing.  There is not one way to heal to exclude all others; but this example may be tailored to one’s specific beliefs and methods. Pray for humility, wisdom, and guidance.  Study that which you seek to learn, asking for guidance with each step, each new idea, and each time you study.  Follow divine guidance in humble unconditional love, and allow healing energy to flow through you from Source to its desire destination without your direction, interference or blockage. Be the channel for healing energy to follow and let it flow.


Holy Spirit: Learning to Listen

This class is on recognizing the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This is like Spirituality 101. If you get this concept, everything else will make sense to you in time. If you don’t get it, you will always be questioning, wondering, and doubting. We were not meant to wander through our lives in darkness. We CAN know the Lord’s will for our lives, if our decisions are sound ones, and how to find guidance in everything we do. I will tell you these things and more in this class. DOWNLOAD mp3


Know Your Guides

This class is on knowing and connecting with your Spirit Guides. From messengers and ministering spirits to personal guides and angels, learn more about connecting, communicating, and interacting with your guides. Trust your higher Self as you receive intuitive feelings, psychic impressions, and divine guidance.


Living with the Paranormal

This class is on living with the paranormal and will address both positive and negative paranormal experiences and explain how and why these things happen in our lives. The class is designed for ordinary people attempting to understand the paranormal; but is also suitable for paranormal investigators, psychics, spiritual advisors, and counselors interested in helping their clients to deal with the unexplained phenomena in their lives. There is no prerequisite for this class, and it is suitable for people from any background, religion, or belief system.


Mastering Fear

This class is on mastering fear in your life. Healthy fear is our early warning system that guides us to make wiser decisions. A little healthy fear keeps us from making foolish mistakes. For example, it is healthy fear that prevents us from sticking our hand in an open flame and being burned. Unhealthy fear pushes us beyond what is beneficial for us into actions or the lack of action that impedes our personal progress. Unhealthy fear stifles or even paralyzes us with panic, irrational fear and anxiety. In the extreme example, unhealthy fear of fire might prevent us from being able to light a match, even in times of need. Learn to recognize and express gratitude for healthy fear that serves your best interest and to distinguish when fear is at or approaching the unhealthy state. Learn to manage and master your fears to move forward with your plans, hopes and dreams in safety and with confidence.


Meditation for Everyone

This class is on meditation as a spiritual practice and to promote well-being and awakening of consciousness. This class is designed for beginner to intermediate level; but can be beneficial to anyone with or without previous meditation experience. It truly is a class for meditation for everyone.


Natural Healing: Simplicity in Wellness

This class is on herbal & nutritional healing methods for wellness.


New Dimensions of Meditation

This class is on new dimensions of meditation. You will learn about meditation as a spiritual practice. Meditation can promote well-being and the awakening of consciousness. It can bring amazing clarity and immediate resolution. Various methods of meditation from the simplest form that can be done by anyone at any time to more complex methods designed for specific purposes will be discussed. Learn to transcend the physical plane and become the magnificent spiritual being that you truly are in all your splendor as you connect with ethereal realms in the sweet music of the angels.



This is a two-hour class on Oneness. Oneness is the essence of the sacredness of life; the ultimate dimension of galactic consciousness within which we are all connected in perfect peace, harmony, and unconditional love. It is the sacred space for all that is. In oneness is the bliss of the “I am”. In oneness is divine consciousness. Our world is changing, and we are awakening spiritually. As time progresses rapidly, we have the opportunity to move more and more into our intuition and knowing the mind of God and the mind of others as we move into the oneness of all life. All of creation is changing, and we will flow through life with greater ease and grace if we keep pace with the flow of creation into Oneness.


Practical Aromatherapy

This class is on the practical application of aromatherapy in our daily lives. Learn to use herbal essential oils and blends to make your own massage oil, body lotion, scented talc, sachets, and more. You will receive a number of simple easy-to-make herbal formulas for practical use in your home and with your family, friends, and loved ones.


Prepared: Body & Soul

This class is on the physical & spiritual aspects of preparedness & food storage.



This class is on preparedness as a way of life. You will learn how to prepare a 72-hour emergency kit (and why), food storage basics (including shelf-life), and how to develop a preparedness mindset. There is no need for fear when you have considered many of the what-ifs, resolved a manageable contingency plan for potential challenges, and allowed trust to bring you peace of mind. Preparedness instills within us trust of ourselves, trust of our intuition, trust of our decisions both pre-established and in the moment, and trust of a higher power. When challenge arrives, you can choose fear or faith. The preparedness mindset is one of faith.


Prepared: Not Scared

This class in on the topic of emergency preparedness and food storage with an emphasis on the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are ready to meet life’s challenges. You will receive an emergency planning and response guide for preparedness and disaster planning. Learn how to assemble preparedness supplies, perform basic first aid and emergency treatment, and use emergency equipment. Learn to gather an emergency supplies and information, then trust, relax and enjoy life looking toward the future with positive thinking and confidence. Trust yourself, trust God and trust your inner guidance. Be prepared; not scared.


Raising Your Vibration

This class will teach you or validate for you how you may raise your own personal vibrational frequency to connect quickly and easily with your higher self, your guides, angels, and even God or Source. This technique can be used for healing yourself and others because tremendous healing takes place at these higher frequencies. It can be used to enhance spirituality, psychic ability, communication with Spirit, and clarity in hearing, seeing, and knowing the answers to our prayers, petitions, and questions.


Releasing Undesired Attachments

This class is on releasing undesired attachments. Learn basic to more advanced methods of releasing non-serving thought patterns, negative energies, spirit attachment, and more. Learn how to be free of intruding thought processes, psychic attack, and lingering residue. Topics may include energy "vampires", spirit releasement, and remote depossession. Know how to clear your energy field of all unwanted intruders.


Sacred Space

This class is on the sacred space that we are and that we exist within. As we accept and honor the sacredness of life, we bring the sacred into all that we do. We may think of sacred places, such as a church or burial ground. We may rightfully regard our homes as sacred when we treat them with respect and honor. But there is sacredness in life itself. To be sacred is to be declared holy, worthy of respect, dedicated or devoted to a purpose, consecrated. We may not always think of life in this way; but it appropriate and honorable to do so. When we consider life sacred, we cannot hate another, for within them is sacredness. We give honest sincere appreciation for the food we eat, being thankful for the plants and animals whose sacred purpose it was to provide our food. Considering the sacredness of life in every moment is choosing a way of life, an approach to meeting each life experience in every moment. It is recognizing that our home is holy ground, and honoring it as such. With this mindset, recognizing that we maneuver through life in the sacred space of our existence surrounds us with peace and calm in the midst of any life experience and provides clarity, hope, and joy.


Sewing & Repair Kit Ideas

Preparedness is more than just having emergency supplies on hand. Being prepared means proper care and maintenance of those items we have. A well-stocked, accessible sewing & repair kit can be indispensable in the ordinary care of clothing and accessories, furniture, bedding, backpacking equipment, tents, curtains, bandages, and even children's toys. Learn to assemble and use a well-equipped sewing and repair kit. Be thrifty and wise. HANDOUT


Simplicity in Enlightened Meditation

This class will teach you simple ways to enhance your meditation experience. Even if you've never meditated in your life, you can follow these easy steps to enlightened meditation. For the more practiced person wishing to improve on their practice, this class will guide you to new understanding of the meditation process.


Spiritual Fasting

This class is on spiritual fasting, fasting with a divine purpose. There are many reasons to fast for brief periods of time; but a spiritual fast differs immensely from a health fast. Although the body goes without food during a spiritual fast, it does not have to suffer the effects of malnutrition. I cannot explain this scientifically; but I can attest to it through personal experience. The spiritual fast nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Certain elements of the spiritual fast are paramount to the heightened spiritual experience. In this 2-hour class, the essential elements of the spiritual fast will be discussed. Know what amazing blessings one can receive through spiritually fasting and how to enhance the spiritual experience.


Techie Tips and Freebie Finds

This class is on technical tips for finding, using, and downloading E-books, audio files, video files, and more with information on how to convert files and burn to CDs and DVDs. Information on where to find files and software for free or inexpensively will be provided.


Transpersonal Transformation

This class is on transpersonal transformation. Transpersonal refers to self-transcendence, reaching beyond the person or individual, integrating traditional and nontraditional concepts and methods with practices in meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, mystical states of consciousness, shamanic states, and others for a deeper, higher, broader self identity and concept of oneness. This spiritual transformation both grounds our being putting us in touch with nature and expands our consciousness moving us spiritually beyond all limitations.


Trust Your Intuition - Trusting Your Inner Voice

This class is on trusting your inner voice. Everybody calls it whatever their culture and beliefs dictate; but if I use the term "inner voice" everybody understands what I'm talking about. There are times that we all begin to listen to doubt rather than our inner voices, no matter how skillful, psychic, or intuitive we are. The good news that I have for everyone is that it is really easy to do. It's just a change in mindset. We want to believe that we have to spend years of intense study, thousands of dollars, and immense amounts of energy in order to reach a level where we can trust our inner voice. We have to bury those old beliefs that don't serve us well. Let's have a eulogy for that old belief system and welcome the birth of a new one. It is easy to trust. All that other is hard.


Using Your Food Storage

Unused food storage is just very expensive garbage. To get the best use out of your food storage, use it regularly, and replace what you use. The catch phrase is, "Store what you use and use what you store." Excellent advice. Why store food? One obvious reason for storing food is that natural disaster could cut off food supplies to you or to your grocery stores, or the threat of disaster could result in hoarding food by the community, emptying store supplies before they could be replenished. Food storage can be a Godsend when financial or family crisis occurs. Your food storage may be a used in a welcome basket for new neighbors or a care basket for someone in dire straits. Beyond that, food storage is great for everyday use. Buying in bulk or larger quantities than usual can result in savings on your regular grocery bill. Practicing bulk storage and shopping for seasonal sales can significantly reduce your expenses in the long run, providing some extra budget money for savings, education, family needs, or even entertainment. Learn what to store and how to use your storage before the shelf-life expires to get the best nutritional value. Learn to store your food safely and to cook with your food storage. DOWNLOAD






Advanced Paranormal Investigator Certification Course

The Advanced Paranormal Investigator Certification course is a hands-on multi-session workshop with step-by-step methods for conducting investigations into paranormal phenomena. Students will become familiar with the proper operation of paranormal research equipment. The goal of this course is to teach the student how to put theory and research methods into actual practice and gain confidence as a professional investigator. Students will set up an actual or virtual paranormal investigation and document the results in a report (1,500 words). Students whose report is accepted within two attempts will receive certification from Flamel College. The course includes a guidebook, course syllabus, forms, paranormal investigation software and a DVD of an actual filmed investigation by a certified investigator.


EVP Technician Certification Course

The EVP Technician Certification Course is a multi-session workshop that will prepare the student for recording, analyzing, and editing Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), unexplainable paranormal audible events of unknown origin which can be heard and captured in recordings on various types of electronic recording apparatuses. The phenomenon has been captured using radios, televisions, tape recorders, telephones and answering machines, film, and a variety of digital equipment. Most paranormal researchers agree that EVP is an actual, recurring system of interdimensional communication. Students will be taught how to successfully capture EVP using a variety of equipment, how to set up EVP sessions, how to capture evidence of the phenomena, and how to record and analyze the results using the computer software provided. EVP is the fastest growing segment of paranormal research and many organizations are seeking certified EVP technicians. The course includes the EVP Technician Manual, setup check-sheets, a sampling of actual EVP recordings, and sound monitoring, editing, and enhancing software. Certification is provided by Flamel College.


Paranormal Investigator Certification Course

The Paranormal Investigator Certification course is a multi-session workshop designed for students wishing to conduct paranormal investigations and research apparition and ghost sightings, the nature of the soul, poltergeist activity, and voice, electronic, and photographic evidence of paranormal activity. Included is an electronic EMF meter, a proprietary manual and syllabus to guide you step-by-step through your studies. The course includes certificate from Flamel College and laminated ID card.


Parapsychologist Certification Course

The Parapsychologist Certification Course is a multi-session workshop designed to acquaint the student with the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. Topics include Extrasensory Perception, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Precognition, Premonition, Remote Viewing, Channeling, Mediumship, Dowsing, Past Life Memories, Out of Body and Near Death experiences and Psychokinesis. A complete deck of Zener testing cards and scoresheets is included with the workbook. Certification is provided by Flamel College.



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