72 Hour Emergency Kits

 The first 72 hours following a crisis is the crucial time because you may be stranded without communication or resources. Disasters may tie up rescue services, preventing help from arriving. You may have to be on the road getting to or from someplace. These first three days, having an emergency kit prepared and ready to go will make all the difference.


72 hour emergency kits may be useful in situations other than disaster. A quick weekend getaway or unexpected trip will go a lot smoother if you already have your essentials packed. When your loved one or neighbor needs a few emergency supplies because their electricity is off, their car broke down, or their injured puppy is stuck under the house, your kit may come in handy. There are numerous scenarios that your kit will benefit. If you keep your kit in good order, rotate out perishable supplies, replenish it regularly, and have your kit in mind often, it will be a regular blessing to you and your family.


Store your emergency supplies in a container that is easy to carry, durable, and accessible. You may choose to use a backpack or duffle bag, or you might prefer a food storage bucket or plastic container for your kit. You could just as readily keep your kit in a tackle box or cooler. Your kit should be lightweight enough for travel and easy to carry. It should be waterproof or have perishable items stored in waterproof bags inside it. Keep your kit someplace where you can grab it on your way out the door in case of emergency. One test for accessibility is to imagine that your smoke alarm just went off. You realize that you have less than a minute to get your family out the door to safety. Can you grab your 72-hour kit on your way out? What if you have to exit through a window. Is it still accessible? Keeping your kit accessible will also be a reminder to check batteries, food supplies, and other perishable items, and to replenish your emergency supplies.




72 Hour Kit Ideas (doc file for Microsoft Word)

(1-page flier with ideas for stocking your kit and backpacking tips)

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72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide (pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(Trifold flier with emergency preparedness suggestions)

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Preparing a 72 Hour Kit (pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(1-page flier of emergency kit ideas)

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Are You Prepared: The 72 Hour Emergency Kit (pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(Trifold color brochure on putting together an emergency kit)

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Why You Need a Family Disaster Supplies Kit (pdf file for Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(4-page color booklet on assembling a family emergency kit)

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